What is Priado Wealth Alliance?

    ANS: It is an entrepreneural development programme powered by priado group of companies limited. The aim is to train and empower aspiring and new entrepreneurs on their entrepreneural journey. We provide the training and the support necessary for success in entrepreneurship

    How much does it cost to start?

    ANS: The training is basically free for our members, but there is an enrollment cost of only GH¢ 30.00 for our members to process your accounts and others.

    What should I do when I sign up?

    ANS: When you sign up, you should request for your membership ID card and start utilising the training material in your private office on our web portal. You would be enrolled into a master mind club (MMC) after 30 – 35 days of enrollment. With your ID card you would have access to all our live camp trainings and our Business Development Board where you receive more training on your entrepreneural journey.

    How can I become an Earning Partner with this organisation?

    ANS: you only need to recommend our training programme to others to also benefit from this life changing experience. As you do this, this organisation rewards you in a very amazing and dynamic way.

    How Can I withdraw my Earnings:

    ANS: for partners in Ghana, you can withdraw your earnings via MTN Mobile Money or through licensed Bank in Ghana. For partners outside Ghana, you can withdraw your earnings through PAYPAL, PERFECTMONEY and BITCOIN. We work closely with our country corrdinators to add more flexible options.

    Can anyone become part of this training programme?

    ANS: anyone who desires to own own a business is welcomed. The person should be at least 16 years of age. You can enroll into our training programme from any part of the world. Our training programme and partnership opportunity is opened to all and sundry from all walks of life.

    Are there any other incentives awarded by this organisation to deserving partners?

    ANS: Yes, we have designed a very flexible and attractive incenitve package to reward our members for their effort they put into this organisation. This incentives ranges from scholarship to elctronics, home furniture, automabile and houses. This is awesome.

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