How to Register

    How to Register


    CONTACT ANY OF THE MERCHANTS BELOW TO PURCHASE AN EPIN TO USE FOR YOUR REGISTRATION. THE EPIN IS WHAT YOU WOULD USE TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you are registering from outside Ghana, we recommend using the Perfect Money API. The leaders in your country can also arrange to be given epins so that they can use it for registrations.

    1. BENJAMIN OBENG AKOTO = 0543136513
    2. ROBERT KINGHAM OCHIL = 0546766538
    3. MICHAEL NYANDE = 0543440635
    4. COLLINS = 0548321285
    5. PRINCE ADOFO = 0246181102

    Pay only GH¢ 30.00 for the epin to the merchant. After making the payment, the epin would be sent to you in less than 5 minutes. Please call the merchant before and after sending the money to confirm.

    You can also use the direct online mobile money payment option on the registration payment page if you don’t want to use epin.

    STEP 1: click on the referral link of your sponsor (the one who introduced you to this opportunity) and go the registration page and register. If you don’t have your sponsor’s referral link, collect his sponsor ID which is the same as his Username and go to the registration page at to register.

    On the registration form note the following;

    Sponsor ID: This is the username of the person referring you to this amazing programme.

    Username: put your own username you want to use there. It should be one word, you can combine your names or nick name or any name of your choice to use as username BUT it should be one, there should not be any space between them. Your username is what you would use to login to your account with your password, it would also be the sponsor ID for the people you would refer or introduce.

    Enter Password: this is your login password. This password is what you would use to login to your account

    Enter Transaction Password: This is the password you would use to make a withdrawal request. We recommend you use a transaction password different from your login password.

    Enter your mobile money details

    NOTE: fill all the details on the registration page.

    After filling all the details, tick or check the “ I Read Terms & Conditions” and click on the CONTINUE button to go to the next page (that is Registration Payment Page)

    STEP 2: on the registration payment page choose EPIN if you bought an epin from a merchant. When you click on epin, a page would open for you with a place for you to enter epin. Enter the epin there and click on submit and wait for some few seconds to be directed to your private office.

    You can also choose mobile money and make direct payment if you didn’t buy epin. NOTE: when you chose mobile money, a bill request would be sent automatically to the mobile money details you filled on the registration, do well to answer it promptly to make the payment so that it does not cancel the registration. After making the payment, the status would show success, then you click on click here to continue under the table to be redirected to your private office.

    If you choose perfect money, just simply follow the steps that come from the perfect money page you would directed to make payment. After payment is made, click to go the merchant website so that you would be redirected to your private office.

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