Our Services

    Our Services

    We are an entrepreneurship development Organisation. Our aim is to raise entrepreneurs who create real life solutions to problems – (build businesses of value). We channel this education through our main training platforms to ensure our members are given the requisite training to empower them to build their dream enterprises thereby providing pragmatic solutions to society’s problems.

    We channel our education on the following channels:

    1. eBooks and Online training :

    Our trainees or partners are given life changing entrepreneurial development ebooks which are readily available at our member’s back office or private office on our web portal.

    2. Live Camp Training (LCT) :

    We also conduct live camp training for our entrepreneurs. This training brings our entrepreneurs face to face with our tutors. This is a life changing opportunity as our entrepreneurs are trained on a wide range of relevant issues from mindset to skill set to lifestyle. This is an experience you cannot afford to miss. Our trainings are announced to partners anytime there is training is to be held in their locality or region.

    3. Master Mind Clubs (MMC) :

    Every entrepreneur in our training programme is put in a master mind group or club. This groups fosters creativity and innovations among its members and help their members to unearth and maximize their potential.

    4. Business Development Board (BDB) :

    This is a board made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, counsellors and coaches who are more than willing to help and support you on your journey. This board would help you to refine your idea and guide you on how to turn your idea into a profitable venture.


    This is also another training material from Priado Wealth Alliance which our partners can subscribe to. The aim is to provide monthly business training, relevant information in the business world to keep our entrepreneurs informed. This product contains high class entrepreneurial development material for master business builders and a top notch financial literacy to give you the requisite knowledge to build your fortune. The monthly subscription cost is GH¢160.00 which you can pay it forward or pay from your earnings from your Priado Wealth Alliance business.

    The aim of this newsletter is to give our entrepreneurs monthly training, information that would empower them to make sound business decision. Reading and continues self-education is a must for any entrepreneur who wishes to perform well in the world of business. That is why we take the pain to prepare this material monthly for our partners. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to it.

    Produced on a monthly basis, these powerful newsletters keep you in the loop with timely information AND can generate an incredible monthly income for you as more and more people make the intelligent choice to secure their independent incomes FAST.

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